R.C. Matheson
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Richard Christian Matheson is an acclaimed novelist, short story writer and screenwriter/producer.


He has written and co-written feature film and television projects for Richard Donner, Ivan Reitman, Joel Silver, Steven Spielberg, Bryan Singer, Roger Corman and many others.


To date, Matheson has written and sold twelve original spec feature scripts; considered a record. He has written pilots for comedy and dramatic series for SHOWTIME, FOX, NBC, ABC, TNT, HBO, FOX, SPIKE and CBS and served as head writer and Executive Producer for twenty network comedy and dramatic series. He has had seven feature films produced, including the critically hailed, paranoid satire, ”THREE O'CLOCK HIGH” which the New York Times called “brilliantly subversive."


Matheson wrote the screenplay for the critically lauded “SOLE SURVIVOR” a FOX four-hour mini-series based on Dean Koontz's best selling novel. He also co-wrote and Executive Produced the SHOWTIME film “PARADISE” starring Barbara Hershey, David Strathairn and Elaine Stitch, “DELUSION” an original horror suspense film for VH1, “DEMONS” an original, dark suspense film for SHOWTIME and the adaptation of Roger Zelazny's Nebula Award-Winning Science Fiction/Fantasy series, “THE CHRONICLES OF AMBER” as a four-hour mini-series for the SYFY Channel.


Matheson recently co-created and co-wrote thirteen episodes of “CHEMISTRY”, an edgy, erotic half-hour comedy series for HBO Productions and wrote three scripts for SHOWTIME’S “MASTERS OF HORROR,” two directed by Tobe Hooper. For TNT’s “NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES” mini-series, he wrote the critically-hailed, adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “BATTLEGROUND,” starring William Hurt. The one-hour episode won two EMMYS and THE NEW YORK TIMES hailed it “...a minor masterpiece.”  


He has recently created/written “MAJESTIC,” a one-hour paranormal series for TNT, based on the work of Whitley Strieber and co-created and developed “DRAGONS,” a six-hour mini-series with director Bryan Singer. Matheson recently completed a horror project with Roger Corman, directed by Joe Dante.


Matheson is considered a cutting-edge voice in surreal, psychological horror fiction and master of the short story. His 75 critically-lauded stories have been published in major anthologies, including YEARS BEST HORROR, YEARS BEST FANTASY, YEARS BEST NEW HORROR, YEARS BEST HORROR STORIES.


Stephen King compares him to Ray Bradbury and terms his work "Remarkable. The writing is finely tuned and has that rarest combination of style and narrative substance. Richard Christian Matheson is brilliant." Ray Bradbury calls Matheson's work "first class and stunning. This is genius work." Clive Barker terms it "…devastating."


ROLLING STONE calls Matheson "...one of a handful of resourceful, fear-minded authors helping to create a new sensibility in horror fiction that is as frightening and merciless as the modern world itself." PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY calls his stories “...miniature masterpieces.


Thirty of Matheson’s stories are collected in “SCARS And Other Distinguishing Marks” as introduced by Stephen King. A second, hardcover collection of 60 stories, “DYSTOPIA” has received stellar reviews and been translated into other languages. His critically lauded debut novel, “CREATED BY” was Bantam’s hard-cover lead, a Bram Stoker Award nominee for best first novel and a Book-Of-The-Month Club lead selection. It has been translated into several languages. Matheson continues to publish new short stories in prominent anthologies and has just completed an original novella for a British Publisher.


Matheson is considered an expert on the occult and worked with the UCLA Parapsychology Labs, investigating haunted houses and paranormal phenomenon. He was deeply involved in the much publicized case upon which the film “The Entity” was based.


Matheson has also been a professional drummer for over thirty years,studied privately with the legendary CREAM drummer, Ginger Baker, and worked as a studio musician. He has played with Stephen King, Amy Tan and Dave Barry in the writers' band "THE ROCK BOTTOM REMAINDERS" and with the famed rock band “THE SMITHEREENS”. He also plays drums with “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW” a rock band which includes Preston Sturges Jr. Their debut album, as “SMASH-CUT,” was released in June ’09. The band is in post production on their second album.

Matheson runs his own Production Company in Los Angeles and is president of "MATHESON ENTERTAINMENT" a Production Company he co-founded with his father, Richard Matheson.

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